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She was a daisy in a garden of roses.

Still beautiful in more ways than one.

She stood out in more ways than one.

She stood to the side watching all the happiness around her,

But while the happiness something else caught her eye.

The sadness,

The emptiness in peoples eyes,

This confused her.

While the smiles were plastered on their faces

Their eyes couldn’t help but show the empty spaces.

She didn’t understand why the smiles weren’t real…

Until she was old enough.

They say with age comes wisdom

She had always thought with age you just got bigger,

Your body,

Your heart,

Your stomach,

Your boobs .

But what she didn’t know

Is her mind grew

With experiences.

She now understood why the smiles were fake,

And why the laughs were forced,

Because now she was one of them.

She met a girl like her 

Along her path of life.

They knew what it was like to have problems,

They had lived through so much

Even though they were so young.

Not only were they best friends

But daisies in a life full of roses.