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Its 1973 in Grosse Pointe, Michigan and it has been about a month since the tragic death of the Lisbon sisters. At first I thought it was something in the family that would make the sisters feel so depressed to commit such an act. But after the same fate started happening to me, my thoughts were all over the place, maybe its something in the water. 

I started out just like Cecilia did, in a way i’m a lot like her. I guess all she needed was some attention because after I got that I got a lot better. This maybe confusing so I am going to take you back a week or two. 

I starred at him from across the room, wondering what it would be like to be with someone like him, but being me never landed the guy I liked. While lost in all my thoughts he turned his head around to steal a glance, not realizing I was already staring. The sweetness in his eyes and the genuineness of his smile was all so mesmerizing. He walked over to me a little bit of wariness in his step, as if he was not sure about the actions that were about to occur. He came up next to me asking me why the sleeves got longer and the sweatshirts never came off. I told him he didn’t have to worry about it, but he quickly grabbed my arm and pulled me into the other room. He sat me down at a desk and stood over me and asked what was wrong. Even after all of my pleading of “I’m fine.” He took my hands in his and asked me too take my sweatshirt off. Im sure in that moment he could hear the pounding of my heart and that my breathe got heavier, or how clammy my hands were. I slowly and surely took it off, he took my hands in his and flipped them over. The sound  of his gasp was so un-real, while I turned my head down in shame shedding a couple of tears in the process. He asked me why and I felt my mouth go dry, unable to speak he swept me up off the desk and onto his lap. Hugging me, causing me to nuzzle my head into his neck. We sat like that until the bell rang.  We let the silence be our cushion, he pulled his head back and asked me why? I have never been asked a more loaded question, he saw me struggle with it and instead asked me if their was anywhere else. My hesitation was his answer. I got off his lap and lifted my skirt a measly couple of inches, and this time it was him who shed the tears. His question popped up before he could stop it “why?” Before I answered his brother barged in and told us it was time to go, he asked if I wanted to come over and talk…. I was hesitant but I agreed. 

His brother drove us back to his house, he brought me too his room. I took off my sweatshirt thinking it was safe. Until he started starring, then I reached for it again, he quickly apologized and insisted I make myself comfortable. Taking the suggestion I sat on his bed while he sat on his desk chair, making sure not to push my level of comfortability. He leaned forward and asked if I wanted to talk about it, I nodded my head pushing him to ask me something. At this point anything beat the silence that filled the air, “Tell me everything, I want to help.”

I was unsure of this, he was sweet and the literal boy of my dreams but would he understand the pain and heartbreak or deem me overdramatic and never talk to me again. I started talking and didn’t stop for several minutes. Through tears and laughs, I told him everything . Instead of reacting he now sits next to me mouth agape. After a couple of minutes I stand and apologize, getting ready to leave he stops me by grabbing my arm, he turns me around and gives me a hug. We stand their for what feels like forever.  He slowly led me back to my original spot, he told me he needed to go for a couple of minutes, I nodded as if giving him permission. He left and I got under the covers going over what had just happened in the last couple of hours. Unintentionally my eyes start to flutter close and before I know it I was asleep. 

When I awoke, I saw him entering the room, he noticed my bed head

“Did you have a good nap?”

 I nodded my head.

“Are you still tired?”

I nodded my head again

“Do you want to continue sleeping??”

 In a moment of confidence I answered

“Sure, but only if you join me.”

He obliged and got into the bed making himself comfortable, He told me he doesn’t usually nap so I said I’d teach him. I told him to close his eyes, and to think of a place he wanted to be, with someone he truly loves. I then run my nails lightly upon his arms, I felt his goosebumps under my fingertips. He told me that no body had ever treated like this, like he was worth something and with such compassion. I turned around in the small space and took his hand.

“Too me, you’re worth everything and more.”

After that he pulled me closer and we fell asleep like that. 

At about 3:30am I felt the bed move and I heard the door open and close. got out of bed and followed the sound of footsteps downstairs to the kitchen, I stood in the doorway watching him. He walked over to radio and turn it on, he started dancing like nobody was watching. After a few moments he turned around and saw me their he stopped suddenly and his eyes growing as wide as a deer in headlights, and of course in that moment the song changed and it was a soft melody. He took my hand and twirled me around, we danced until the song ended. It was almost like a dream, I felt like the luckiest girl in the world. After our dance he brought me back upstairs and we returned to his bed, his arms latched around me and we molded together as one, he held me in such a way as if he was trying to say that he wanted to keep me safe. That after all I had been through he wanted to make sure I knew I finally had a protector. 

I guess it wasn’t something in the water, those sisters were unable to experience the one thing that would save them. Love is a force not to be reckoned with, a force that can mend a broken heart. Those sisters were broken and tired, instead of getting mended they went to sleep for a very long time.