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Once upon a time their was a girl named daisy, she was a young girl, one who always smiled and did nice things for the old. she got diagnosed with cancer at the age of 10. Once she found out about this hell she would be going through she started to get sad, but not the sad that happens when your dog dies. The kind of sad she felt when her parents got separated or when sister left her fiancee she thinks it was because of the bruise she found on her arms. She met a young girl at chemo, who she later became very close to her after the church they used to go to caught flames. Living in Kansas the lightning storms are extreme and in this case it was the reason the church caught fire. Her new friend and her would roam the hospital halls at night to find more kids who had this terrible fait, in hope to make more friends. They later realized any other kid who had this fait, was in the children’s ward. They didn’t understand how  intense their problem was. After a couple of years when Daisy turned 13 her friend went in for surgery and never came back. After Daisy spiraled out of control, until one day Daisy went to her old friends house. She went in her room which had been untouched to encase the memory of her. With the lack of human interaction in the room it was not kept up too date. The bed was unmade and her clothes still lay in the closet unfolded. Daisy turned on the light bulb and realized only one worked. She followed the stream of light to her deceased friends bookcase. She had never knew she was a big reader, but apparently she was, stacks upon stacks of books lined the casing along her wall. Daisy looked at the countless books her friend had read, she was astonished. Daisy saw one that peaked her interest. Even though these too had known each other for a couple of years they were practically sisters, and the book that peaked her interest was her old friends diary. She picked it up and hid it under her jacket. She went back to her hospital bed and sat down to read. She read about all her friend had gone through. She even learned new things about her. One of them was that she had a fake eye. The cancer she had, had taken it. She had never realized. She started to cry when she read about how her best friend had wrote about the countless days they stayed in, even though it was sunny out, and played countless games all of them including dice, or puzzles because the hospital was not well funded. A year later Daisy joined her best friend because the cancer had won the battle. Now Daisy and Hazel could reunite, in heaven.