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Its 3:23,

I have our song on repeat.

Well its not really our song,

More of a song that reminds me of us.

Even though there was never an us…

It’s pathetic that I am writing this

Where you will never see it,

Then in a box where I can press send

&  you see it instantly.

Probably because I am scared.

Scared of the rejection,


Mostly scared that I will have to get over you.

My romantic interests still revolve around you.

And for the life of me I don’t understand why.

Is it your ability to make me laugh,

Or the fact I get lost in your eyes?

Its not.

Its my made up of version of you.

The one that held me that night.

And made me blush and feel special.

I think its because that i don’t see you a lot anymore.

So my mind starts to create these versions of you.

In my mind they cared about me,

And how I felt.

But I see you in real life and,

The real you shows.

And it just breaks my heart.

Because i know you can be better.

but i cant show you.

But I hope and I pray,

That one night,

You look in the mirror ,

And you utter.

“What have I become”.