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Sit on my bed,

And tell me about yourself. 

No I don’t want to know your favorite color, 

or what kind of food you like. 

Tell me where you want to travel, 

and why your heart longs for that destination.

Tell me about the liquor you can’t drink, 

because it tastes like bad memories.

Tell me why you were up last week at 3 am.

Where the angels whispering too loud.

Or were your demons screaming in your brain.

Let me scratch your head, 

while you tell me about the girls that broke your heart.

Rub my back,

while I tell you why I can’t go near my brother.

We can skip the casualties,

I promise. 

Just lay next to me,

so I can swim in your soul.

And explore the deepest parts of your mind. 

Let me in,

So I can give you the key,

To open me up.