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The rays of the rising sun shines through his almost transparent curtains. His thin sheets cover most of him and all of me. I wake moments before him and I’m so happy I did. He has never looked more at peace then in this moment. Lips parted slightly, eyes shut, chest rising and falling, steady heartbeat. I didn’t think picture perfect moments existed; but this was proof. I move slightly to adjust myself in the small twin bed and thus awakening him. He fluttered his eyes opened, but stayed in the same position.

“Morning.” he mutters while moving his right hand to wipe his eyes.

“Good morning.” I reply tiredly, wanting to curl back up with him and sleep.

“Do we have to wake up right now?” He replied with a simple  nahh, and closed his eyes. I repositioned myself again and laid my head on his chest. At that moment he took his arm out from under my side and played with my hair. I guess the reposition moved the air inside me this releasing a baby burp. All of sudden he erupted in a fit of giggles, causing me to sit up because of the rapid movement of his chest.


“I’m sorry I’m sorry, but that babo burp was too cute.”

The laughing continued and that earned him a slap on the chest.
I threatened him by saying I was going to sleep on the floor If he didn’t stop. He apologized one more time then stopped. I laid back down and not 5 seconds later he started laughing again. I got up, snagged the pillow from underneath his head and laid on the floor. He let out a sigh and an obnoxiously long ‘baaaaaaabe’

“No I gave you a chance and you ruined it.”

“Okay well how are you going to sleep on the floor without a blanket?”

I reached my arm up and pulled the sheet off of him.

“Like this.”

He sighed and stood up.
He plopped down next to me and replied.

“If you’re not going to sleep with me. I guess I’m sleeping with you.”

He pulled me closer and started to spoon.

“Ya know this kinda defeats the purpose of me punishing you.”

“Then you shouldn’t punish me in the first place.”

“Fine. Ill get back in the bed if you promise not to laugh anymore.”

“If youre going to sleep on the floor if I continue, then I will stop.”

“thank you” I pecked his lips. Grabbed the pillow from under his head, again, this time causing him to slam his head on the floor.

“I’m so sorry! I thought you would have picked your head up.”

“Geez your just in the mood to hurt me arnt you?”

“No no no no, I’m so sorry I just-”

“Hun its fine, im only playing, I know it was an accident”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah its fine just kiss it better.”

I leaned forward and kissed the spot on his head, where a slight bump formed. He stood up with the sheet in hand, and then helped me up. We got back into bed and he placed the sheet over us.

“Wait, I have an idea.”

He got back up and grabbed a comforter out of the linen closet.

“Why didn’t you grab that last night?”

“After the movie you just passed out on me..” he said as he moved a piece of hair that had fallen out of my ponytail behind my ear.

“ I didn’t want to get up and risk waking you.”

I quickly forgave him and he tucked us in.

“Better?” he said with a smug look on his face.

“Much” I replied getting comfortable again.

I felt bad about making him hit his head so i started to scratch his back, he quickly flipped over, now facing me, and grabbed my hand. He kissed my forehead and let out a simple ‘no’. He snaked his arm around me and started rubbing my back, he knew me too well.  I closed my eyes and before I knew it I was asleep again, letting his heart beat sing me lullabies. We awoke some hours later and walked down stairs to be greeted by his mom setting up some coffee, and toasting some bagels. She offered me some but I politely turned them down, she told him she was leaving to do some errands and to put the dishes away when he was done with them.


“Please and add-” He interrupted me.

“3 sugars and some milk, please, don’t insult me”

I laughed a bit and opened the door to his porch. I sat down and lit up a cigarette.

“Want one?”

He nodded his head as he came out with two mugs of coffee.

“What am I going to do without you next year”

“Have to make your own coffee” I let out a laugh but saddened at the thought of us leaving to go to different schools in the fall. He put his hand on my knee.

“Dont worry about that now, it’s months away and well figure it out.”

He was sitting on a lounge chair so I stood up and joined him on his chair and laid my head on his shoulder. I closed my eyes, and prayed that this moment never ends.

When I opened them again I was in an empty bed; with a giant teddy bear and a dog by my feet.

“It was just a dream” I said to myself and thats all he would ever be to me, just a boy I dreamt about. And in that moment I was incredibly sad, because I never got to tell him how beautiful he looked when he first wakes up.