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“Over emotional”

Words I never thought I would hear come out of your mouth,

Does text message even count as a mouth?

Months ago these words would have punched me in the gut,

Stabbed me in the heart,

And fucked up my brain.

But I have come to realize.

You’re just explaining yourself.

You have told me more than you have liked over our time together.

I’m going to college,

and you’re still stuck in high school.

Love text me when you grow up,

or grow a pair.

What ever comes first.

The only thing I have realized in my time in my school.

Is that money controls all,

but also it changes people.

Yeah I got everything I wanted,

BUt my mom worked hard to get it,


you ask,

then receive.

Your friends may not be as fake as I say,

But I know I don’t sit around and infiltrate someone else’s life,

because I have nothing better to do.

so live your life,

dont give a shit if the friends you have are real or fake.

just don’t bitch when you move into your dorm.

and no ones waving good bye from the back of the car.