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She stood in the back of the room.

Music vibrating through the wall onto her back.

Blinding lights flashing everywhere.

Bodies moving in rhythm.

But the only think that kept her gaze was him.

He walked to her and guided her out.

They followed the path to the dorms.

While he trailed kisses on her neck.

She pulled her into her room.

While his hands lingered on her hips.

But things changed when she played next to him,

In that small twin bed.

He didn’t push her,

Or pressure her.

He just pulled her closer.

And for some reason,

she felt at home.

She lay awake,

while he drifted to slumber hours ago.

Hearing the voices of disapproval her friends had for him.

But this.

This they have not witnessed.

The pure way he holds her,

or the passionate night kisses.

But she would rather listen to the nagging.

Then let them in on moments like this.

These were hers.

And hers to cherish.