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You’ve made my future blurry.

What am I going to do without you.

You’ve made me weak.

I cant even listen to the music I used to,

Because of you.

It makes me think of our drives,

And late night talks.

The worst thing is,

No one will ever live up to how you used to be.

Not even you.

You’ve changed so much,

I miss that hopeless romantic.

That gave me hope about love.

But now you’re just like the rest of them.

Filled with thoughts of one night stands,

And getting stoned in my backyard.

God the sun even gives me chills.

Because nothing will beat the 5:00 am sunrise on that beach that dawn.

But you were in bed with her,

Telling me to look at the sun.

Hoping I wouldn’t notice,

What was happening right in front of my eyes.

While talking about her,

And her escapades.

You used to say love is blind.

But you look at me and only see my exterior.

You know what my soul looks like,

Ive let you in.

Im sure you’ve seen the sparkle in my eyes when I see you.

And the smile that comes with you getting in the car.

My love for you is blocked by the way you see me.

Because you don’t see me,

You see the body I am in.

And because of you I’ve become a lot more cynical.

I miss how I used to be.

But even I have changed.

Because of you.