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A promising beverage.

Making you forget about the ugly in the world.

The people that lie to your face.

The boys that break your heart.

The people who don’t deserve your love.

This magical beverage can make you feel numb.

Just numb enough to forget about everything.

I send this cheers to the boys who’ve broken my heart.

Well done.

You’ve broken a girl.

You broke me.

Like the glass I smashed earlier today in the kitchen,

Filled with ice and svedka.

Reminds me of your situation.

You walked in,

Said “sucks”

And walked out.

Leaving me to clean up the pieces.

But later when Im on the cold tiled floor.

Don’t you walk in and pretend you care.

Just sit in my back yard,

And leave me to let the broken promises leave my body.