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I remember the way the sand felt in between my toes. And how the waves crashing down by my side, gave me more solace than sleeping ever could. Maybe that explains why I was at the beach at 4am instead of in bed. I sat in the sand and let it mold to my body. For some reason I felt at home, like nothing could hurt me here. With not a soul in sight I took out my phone and started to play the songs that pulled on the strings of my heart. I swayed to the music while my soul spilled out of my eyes. Hours later, as the sun started to rise over the once dark horizon. The tears the rolled down my face meer hours ago, have turned into tracks of dried up sadness. My phone now buzzing with anticipation with the fulfilling questions of “Where did you go?”, “Come home” and the house favorite “I miss you”. All from people who had once held such a beautiful place inside of my heart, now sat in the darkest parts of my mind. With the horrible stings on my back from my brother and the scars on my arms from my middle school bully.  They were no longer friends of mine, because the people I surrounded myself with are full of happiness and vibes you could feel from miles. So as I sat on that beach and as the colors in the sky started to change hues, I realized that the next step of my life is near and I must leave this place behind. No matter how many smiles, laughs, and good memories I was leaving with it. I will start a new, again. And I will be happy.