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I’m sorry but do you know me.

Give me more than my first name.

Give me more than hair color.

Give me more than the obvious.

Do you know what the fuck I have lived through.

The answer is no.

So if you want to come around me.

And tell me to put a shirt on,


Am I offending you?

Or do you just think I don’t look attractive?

Do you know for fact I had sex with that kid?


Because I have more self control than that.

You do not know me,

And don’t you dare come around here acting like you do.

Because you cant see what is under my sleeves,

Or my pants.

You do not see the scars of my past.

So you do not get to judge me on how I dress.

Or what color my hair is.

Or what I have pierced.

Or my tattoos.

You do not get to say a word because maybe if you really knew me.

You would be just as pissed as I am right now.