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He watched as she sat alone in the rain.

And watched as she went through cigarette after cigarette.

He let her slowly kill herself because he knew he couldn’t help.

He left her alone because he was tired of hearing ‘I’m fine’.

But once that first tear hit the concrete he ran.

He ran to her as fast as he could.

But she lied through the smoke and said I’m fine.

But he stayed and held her.

Promising her she’d never be alone.

So he sat with her until the sky had cleared.

Now drenched he walked her inside and gave her a blanket.

And she told him everything.

Which was all he ever wanted.

But at that moment.

When she was wrapped in his arms.

At the brink of dawn.

He realized that he didn’t love her.

Because who could love someone so damaged?

So he slipped away.

Leaving her to cope on her own.

Only to find that the slumber he left her in.

Would be permanent.