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I fall too fast,

I know that.

You knew that.

You knew I was just another hopeless romantic.

But that didn’t stop you.

Did it.
You probably didn’t know that i live in my own head a lot.
You probably didn’t know that I was going to fall.
But that’s only because I can’t get to know the real you.
Only the one I created in my head.
If you had let me in.
Or cared a bit more.
We wouldn’t be in this situation.
Where I’m waiting eagerly by my phone.
Flinching whenever I get a text message.
That will probably never come.
Who knew I could love someone I barely know.
Who knows of its even love.
You cared and that’s all it took.
The quiet nights in your car was the only romance I needed.
You made me feel more than I do.
That I was worth way more than I am.
Maybe I was hoping for more.
Going in blind of reality.
That not everyone wants what I do.
And not everyone feels as deeply as I do.
But you knew what could happen.
And you still took a chance on me.
And that’s the only comfort I needed.
To fall.
And you should have know that.