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With bags under her eyes,

And her lids growing heavy,

She slowly closed them.

Exhaling a breath of exhaustion,

That seemed to be trapped in her for days.

He grew confident and asked,

“When was the last time you slept?”

She barely opened those grey orbs

And looked up at him.

“Why do you ask?”

The question escaped her lips slowly.

She spoke with confusion.

Of course she had not slept.


He had been gone for what seemed like forever.

He breathed a ‘nevermind’

And closed his eyes as well.

They moved closer to each other,

A subconscious act

That felt so natural.

And they slept like that
Through the night.

She had missed him so much.

His warmth,

His arms around her,

But most of all his comfort.

She couldn’t sleep all those nights

Because she didn’t feel safe.

With out his arms wrapped around her,

And his breath on her head.


He was the same.

Traveling a lot,

hopping from hotel to hotel.

Each one the same,



And quiet.

He missed her loud laughter,

and her bubbly personality.

He had tried to limit his traveling

Because every time he returned.

He could tell the toll it took on her.

When he returned,

She just was not the same.


They were just not whole without one another.

It was very cliche and probably unhealthy.

But they did not care.

They completed each other.


So with their heavy lids

They slept like babies.

Because it had been the best sleep they had in weeks,

Not only because of each others presence.

But their minds at ease that each other was safe,

Safely wrapped in the other.