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I realized why I love hickies.

See I come from a traumatic childhood. With an abusive older brother, and I would walk around school with bruises of hatred and anger on my body.

But when I first met the boy who has now broken my heart, he used to leave hickeys on my neck and my shoulders. All my friends would ask me why I like them, why I admired the look and the feel and I never really knew the answer. Not until now.

See hickeys are bruises. They are created with the suction so strong to break the blood vessel’s thus creating the bruise. But these bruises are because of love and passion. Not of hatred and anger. Now I realize why I love them because they were a sign that someone loved me even for a certain amount of time, they were created out of passion and in the heat of the moment but they were more than just little bruises. When I had them I flaunted them because they were a mark made by someone who loved me even if it was just for a moment. A love that didn’t have to break any boundaries, A love that skimmed the surface of the category. A love that was so shallow, but never the less it was still a love.


The girl covered in bruises