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I love christmas.

The happiness and excitement for the holiday nearing is unavoidable. And who would want to avoid such a magical time? The music and movies bring children smiling to their parent in hopes santa will reward them for being good. I remembered when I waited for santa to come and bring me presents. Because of my parents divorce I would go to florida every other year to my mothers parents house, while on the plane I always brought a sign that said my name. I was telling santa where to come and find me. But now that I am older the season has a different kind of affect. Its more about the aura of the season and less about materials.

The snow falling that flawlessly blankets the streets. The light pink sky and street lights that illuminate the world around us that create the most peaceful sanctuary. If you look into each house on the block you will see giant green trees with sparkling lights and ornaments that tell a special story for each family. The countless holiday music playing on the radio 24/7 until the special day. I wish one day to lay in bed with you watching the christmas movie after christmas movie. Or maybe we can stare out the window and watch the snow fall while drinking warm coffee. Maybe we  will sit by the fire, maybe we will bundle up and go caroling. I wouldn’t mind any of these as long as I was with you.

Who knows when I will be able to spend my holiday with more than just my family. With someone who has chosen to be with me, not because we are blood. Who will understand when I cry while watching the christmas tree lighting or the fact I can’t stop smiling when I see houses covered in decorations. There is just something about this holiday that its me so hard. I don’t know what it is, but I wait 11 months for this. The joy and laughter completes me in some type of way. I hope It lasts more than a month.


The girl who lives in December