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You were one of my favorite things to write about. I loved talking about the how beautiful your eyes looked while being touched by the sun. How your smile lit up my world, and how happy you made me just by sitting next to me. And how the smell of your shirts still lingered long after you had left. I took it all for granted for so long, and oh god the days when you cared about me seems so far away. Now you lay eyes on another girl, one that will never realize how beautiful the smalls things you do. I feel bad that you will  never know the love of a thousand suns and a force that will fight for you no matter how hard it is pushed. You are the single most amazing creature on this planet, and you will never know.

That is why I wrote about you so much because I see those little things as the biggest marks that your existence is too pure for this earth. But she changed you, and now you hold a lesser part of my heart. The less I think about you, the more toxic you become. You are starting to kill the old you, with each step you take. And by doing that you are hurting my heart. The heart the once only beat for you.


The girl that once wrote of your innocence.