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You tasted like cigarettes and bad decision. 
I looked past it. 

But how was I supposed to know, 

That your bad decisions would happen in the future. 

And to me. 

You touched me like you’ve never loved someone. 

You held me like you’ve never felt that love. 

You left markings on me like you’d never see me again. 

And you wanted everyone to know I was yours. 

But you didn’t want me the way I wanted you. 

And it’s bites me in the ass, 

When it’s 2 am and your the only thing I can think about. 
I see where you parked your car everyday. 

It will always be your spot. 

You didn’t realize you left more than love bites on my neck, 

But also bruises on my heart and soul. 

I gave you everything I had. 

In my moments of drunken mistakes. 

But I will never think of you as a mistake. 

You took the one thing I’m supposed to hold close to my heart.  

And I let you have it. 

Because I never thought you’d just leave. 

You never know that the last time, 

Is going to be the last time. 

And I wish I did everything differently.