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He left me on that stoop Crying my eyes out.

Like he had done,

All those years ago.

Who let him back in

I don’t remember giving him a key.

It must have been,

A drunken mistake.

Oh, don’t I have many of those.

That’s how this all started.

As a drunken mistake.
I guess that’s what I get.

I just didn’t want to leave with no experience.

It’s so out of norm to be this pure,

At this age.

I wonder,

If I walked past you on the street.

Would your reaction be this.

You’re so beautiful.

Would those words come out of your mouth.

Like they did moments ago.

Or was it the pictures you fell for.

And not me.
You left me like in the trash.

Like week old food.

You didn’t want me,

You wanted my body,

And what I did for you.

I wasn’t the person you texted at 2 am.

You wanted my drunk mess of a person.

Because You know that’s who would give you everything.
But I did.

When you called I answered.

Like some screwed up friendship.

But I wasn’t even your friend.

You didn’t call me in times of trouble.

Or times of need.

But times when you felt lonely.

And I was the only one that would answer.