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So it was your birthday yesterday.

And now I’m sitting here celebrating mine.

But you’re all that’s on my mind.

I wished you a happy birthday.

To show you how much I still care.

But it rolled right off your shoulder.

Like a message from someone whose heart you didn’t tear.

I want to tell you so many things.

I want you to be mine.

But your heart is now taken.

It just wasn’t our time.


I wish to see your car again.

In the spot across from my house.

That spot is forever yours,

For years to come and more.

You don’t understand what you took with you.

That night you said goodbye.

I thought you meant it temporarily.

I didn’t know you weren’t coming back.


It’s almost been a year.

Just twenty eight more days.

Until the day I met you.

And you took my heart away.

I think about texting you all the time.

Too see if something is still there.

But I doubt you’ll answer the call.

So my mind just runs all night.

Wondering if you’ll ever come back,

To the girl who did everything right.

But still was so wronged.