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I cried about you tonight.

And when I was lying on the ground, of the common room to my dormitory. I focused on the ceiling, looking and memorizing every crack and crees, thinking about you. I walked into the shared bathroom on the girls floor and heard this girl whaling, repeating the words, “I hate him, I hate him, I hate him” And the memories of us flashing through my mind repeatedly.

But after forcing the liquid, that made me think and miss you, out of my body. I went out for a cigarette with my best friend and met up with some guys. One of them always comes back drunk from the local club asking for cigarettes and I never have a problem with handing a few out. And this girl, this guy, his friends and I plowed through subject after subject. Talking about the stupidest irrelevant things, and I laughed. Generally and whole heartedly laughed my head off. Its ben awhile since I have let go and be myself in front of strangers.

I once used to be like this with you. You used to come at the odd hours of the night and by that time I just didn’t care about anything, so you would see me for who I really am. Thats why I thought that maybe we could be something, because you saw the rawest sides of me, and the most innocent. I thought you would different.I thought I would be different. But you made me like every other love sick teenager out there.


The girl crying in the commons lounge