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I haven’t spent hours talking about him yet because he’s not gone. 
It’s just I haven’t seen his eyes in the sunlight. 

And I haven’t seen his smile brighten up a room. 

And I haven’t felt his arms around me. 

And I haven’t heard his laugh in person, 

So I can’t compare it to a thousand angels singing. 

And he hasn’t made me laugh, 

When i have tears streaming down my face,

While listening to the rain hit my windows. 
I can’t go on and on about this boy because he’s not gone yet. 

And I’m praying that he’ll never be gone. 

Because I wanna experience the world with him. 

Because he is the single person I get most excited to talk too. 

And I don’t think I will be able to bear it. 

Because no one has lit the candle in my heart in the longest time. 

And it’s bringing back all the warmth I’ve lost.