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The windows were down, 
Letting the cool night air,

Breeze through the car. 

Blasting our favorite songs, 

That reminded us of better days. 

Driving aimlessly through the night,

Letting the moon guide our way. 

The later it got,

And the more the moon settled into the skyline, 

The sky above us started to change. 

We drove towards the colors, 

Being redirected by the beauty. 
While we walked the short distance, 

From the car to the ocean. 

The sun,

Slowly as if not to frighten us,

Started to rise from its slumber. 

The water glistened from its rays. 

The sky turned magenta, powder blue, & baby pink. 

All at once. 

A shock of color filled the landscape in front of me. 

My breathe hitched and a single tear rolled down my cheek. 

This was the first time a sunrise had taken my breathe away. 
My boys joking beside me, 

Brought me back to reality. 

Sitting on those rocks, 

To passer Byers, 

We must of looked like a bunch of hooligans. 

But if they knew us. 

At that moment. 

We were as pure as that sunrise.