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I’m laying in my bed,

I close my eyes and imagine a time,

Where I might wake up in someone else’s bed.

Look deeply into their eyes.

And know that I am there because I am loved.

Loved deeply and with the whole of their soul.

I want to wake up from this agonizing nightmare.

And be in the arms of the one who cares most.

I want tomorrow to be different.

I want forever to be different.
I want to look into his eyes,

And feel like there is no where in the world I am needed more,

Then here.

I want to be wrapped in his arms

And feel all the broken pieces of my soul,

Be slowly pushed back together.
I want so much more than is provided to me.

I want what seems so far out of reach.

I want nothing more than to feel loved.

I want nothing more than to feel at ease.

I want my world to be calm and peaceful.

I want you.