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We went on a drive tonight. 
I did most of the talking. 

Gosh I would not shut up. 

To a normal person I just seem to be talkative. 

Little does he know he makes me so nervous, 

I didn’t want the silence to fill the car. 

I love silence. 

I want to be able to sit with him, 

Without a word needing to be said. 
Yes he isn’t a very open person. 

Making the conversation hard. 

But I’m trying. 

Trying to get past all of the walls he has built. 

I want him to see that all I want is to care for him. 

I want him to know he always has someone by his side. 

That there is always someone rooting for him. 

That’s all I have ever wanted for all of my boys. 
But the boys before him didn’t deserve my care. 

But I feel like he needs it. 

He might not now know. 

But he will realize that all I want is his happiness. 
While we were talking. 

I was asking about his life, 

Just in general and he said he was fine. 

But I feel like he is not content with just fine. 

Who wouldn’t want to be extraordinary? 

What he doesn’t know is that alone, 

We are ordinary. 

But together. 

Oh gosh,


We could conquer the world.