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I’m moving. 

It was a known fact for awhile. 

To me atleast. 

For my friends, 

It was a complete 180. 
My friends. 

Most guys. 

Only one girl. 

One moment they’re your best friends.  

And the next, 

Your a girl they’re trying to get with. 

Because soon you’ll be gone. 

And they’re chance gone with you. 

It’s so strange. 

To be in this position. 
I was never the one they wanted. 

There was always one of us that was prettier, 

Or thinner. 

I was never their choice of meat. 

But now.  

It’s a 180 in my eyes. 

I’m so confused. 
I never wanted to be that girl. 

The one that got so desperate, 

She turned to her friend group for picking. 

But what if they all want you? 

What do you do then? 
One of them. 

I’ve always had the smallest crush on. 

And now is my opportunity. 

And he made his move. 

But I wasn’t sure of the situation. 

So when I go back. 

I know what to do. 

But do I do it? 

Am I considered one of those girls. 

If it’s just one?