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I’m excited for winter. 

The cold nights around the fire. 

Filling your system with warm chocolate beverages. 

Cuddling next to your lover to keep warm.

Winter was always my favorite season. 

It was always like you could never be sad. 

Yeah the days got shorter. 

But the nights grew longer. 

Waiting to be filled with life long memories. 

Christmas cheer filling the air. 

No matter what time it was. 

I always played Christmas music starting in September. 

I didn’t care who it pissed off. 

You just can’t be sad listening to the love stories of the beautiful season. 

Don’t even get me started on the scenery. 

The elegant decent of the snow. 

Blanketing the big cities and small towns. 

It’s like no matter where you went. 

Everything was equally as magnificent. 

Roads draped in white. 

Ominous street lights in the distance. 

It just set the perfect mood. 

The only thing that topped summer sunrises on the beach. 

Was the light pink sky after a snowfall. 

But what I’m still waiting for. 

Is my Christmas adventure. 

I always thought that once I started driving. 

I would be sitting at my boyfriends house, 

And suddenly it would start to snow. 

And I would have to spend the night. 

Because driving home would have been to dangerous.

And it would be a life changing night. 
I may still be waiting for my fairytale night. 

But this year feels different. 

Everyone around me is still buzzed from summer evenings. 

And their happy endings have occurred on those sweltering nights. 

But I feel like come this magical season. 

My happy ending is waiting. 

I think good things happen during the seasons you feel most alive. 

And boy this winter I am thriving. 

I can feel it. 

Who knows what is in store. 

But my snow globe night is coming. 

And I’ll have magic to thank for it. 

Because love is starting the fill the air. 

And that lucky boy and I will be consumed.