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Arriving a decent hour.

Playing a couple games of pool.

Or watching a couple shows.

Then we start to talk.

And I look into his eyes.

And god he could grow roses in the desert.

I know everyone romanticizes blue eyes,

But his are a different kind of beautiful.

I get lost like a child following the stars home.

Waiting for the next one to twinkle.

And sometimes he’ll just stop talking,

And just look at me.

And he just stares and gets this little sly smile.

Or he will walk up to me a certain way.

And that is when I know.

I know I’m about to feel this boys hunger.

And how bad he wants me.

Me of all girls,

He wants me.

And that’s why I give in every time.

Because in that moment those shining eyes.

His toned back and arms,

His eager mouth.

It’s all mine.


But I wish after it was over.

He would stay,

And lay with me.

Even if we just started laughing,

About our stupid teenage hormones.

It would be better than looking at an empty room,

Wondering why he couldn’t stay.

Anything is better than that.

I want him to bath in the glory of getting a girl like me.

And I want to soak up the pleasure of getting a boy like him.

But he runs away instead.

I don’t know where he goes.

But when he returns.

It’s like nothing ever happened.

And we are back at where we started.


Most of the time when I leave,

I cry on the way home.

Not because I am ashamed,

But because of those few questioning moments after.

I think he might be ashamed of being with me.

But I’m no ones dirty secret.

I wish he acted towards me all the time.

The way he acts right before everything starts.

Because in those moments I know it’s me he’s thinking about.

And nothing makes me feel more secure.

Than being the only thing on his mind.