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I need you to look me face to face. 

Look me in the eye and tell me the truth. 

Tell me you never wanted me, 

Even with tears streaming down. 

Tell me. 

I need to hear it. 

I need this closure. 

Before I fall more I love with you. 
Tell me it was only sex. 

That you never wanted more from me. 

Because I wasn’t built for this. 

I was built for loving people. 

I was made for caring for others. 

I wasn’t built for fucking my best friend. 

And having to pretend that we’re just friends. 
So tell me the truth. 

Even though you hate it when I cry. 

I need to hear that that’s all you wanted. 

Because darling I can’t do this anymore. 

I don’t want to come at the odd hours of the night. 

I want to spend al day with you. 

I want to wake up to you smiling at me. 

Because you are happy with your choices. 

Please just tell, me the truth. 

Because, love, I’ve started to fall. 

And I need to know if I need to brace for impact.