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I hope you drown in these words I’ve written for you. 

I hope taking a walk through my mind, 

Makes you cry. 

I hope you read all of this, 

And it makes you second guess everything. 

I hope you realize how good I was for you. 

I wish you would see,

how I would have hiven up every freedom,

Just to be with you. 

How anything you wanted would have been accomplished,

Because I was by your side. 
I hope your mouth is ridden with poison,  

When you see how I recalled those nights. 

Cause in my mind they were some of the best nights of my life. 

But to you they were probably just another night,

With another girl. 

But to me it was everything. 
I hope you can’t walk through that barn

And not think of me. 

I hope you can’t walk past that room, 

And not think about me.  

I hope I’m all you think about. 

As soon as you read all of this. 

All these poems about how much I loved, 

And cared for you. 

I hope you regret everything. 

I hope you regret not choosing me. 
Because I am about to move on with my life. 

And soon you will just be a boy I loved. 

But you will not be able to forget. 

Because you lost one of your best friends. 

All because you couldn’t love her as much as she loved you.

And boy. 

She loved you with everything she had.