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I saw you tonight.

We smoked together.

I don’t think this is a side,

You have ever seen.

I texted you when I left.

You said I can’t say things like that.

Then get mad when he makes a move.

I get anything but mad.

I want you.

But more importantly I want,

The whole package.

I want your quirks.

And your hobbies.

I want your pet peeves.

And rules.

I want your “I miss you” texts.

And I want your “good morning” ones too.

I know I’m just a friend to you.

But friends don’t do the stuff we do.

I want your “I love you’s”.

But more importantly I want you.

I want all of it can’t you see.
So I’m going to say what I want to say.

And you can do what ever you want to do.

Cause love I started to fall a long time ago.

So any second with you.

I’ll cherish like the world is ending.