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I’m in my normal spot.

Sitting in my car.

Listening to the same playlist.

Sometimes I am very predictable.

You can almost always guess,

Where I am,

And what I’m doing.
So I was surprised.

When I went home one night.

And was baffled.

Taking the same route.

Listening to the same song.

Suddenly it wasn’t just a song.

But it described you to me.

In the most beautiful melody.

I felt as if you were in the car with me.

Telling me everything I wanted to hear.
But when I texted you once I arrived home.


You were you again.

Not the guy who treated me so kindly,

And acted like he would do anything to have me.

I don’t know what it is.

You’re my dream.

But also my nightmare.

You hold the power to make me so happy.

But with that comes the potential to break me.
My life filled with order and schedules.

Has broken to me checking my phone,

Every minute,

To see if you’ve thought about me yet.

It’s strange though.

Every time I text you.

Whenever I check to see if you’ve responded.

In that second you do.

It’s like you know.
Maybe it’s just a coincidence.

But love I feel like there are too many coincidences.

I think there is s bigger force pushing us together.

I’m just asking.


Please don’t fight it.

We were meant to be.

Let it happen.

Let me love you.

Be happy.

Accept the love you deserve.

Because honey you deserve the world.

And I have it on my shoulders.

Ready to show you what magic really is.