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I look at her as i pull in to buy our tickets.

There is this annual light show at a beach near us.

And her love for christmas could illuminate any room.

So I thought it was only right.

She sat there with hot coffee in hand.

And stared in awe.

These are the reasons I love her.

I love her when she cant speak,

Because the beauty around her over powers her thoughts.

I love her when she jerks a bit,

Because her coffee is too hot.

I love her because she knows every lyric,

To almost all the christmas music.

I love the excitement in her smile,

While doing something as mundane,

As driving through a beach full of lights.

I love her because of her passion for the little things.

I love her when she articulately describes her surroundings.

I love the way she can make anything beautiful.

But most of all,

I love her,

Because she brings out the beautiful in everyone.