That hug at the end. 

That’s what I’m worried about.
You say you can’t do this.
But this is exactly what you wanted.
No problems.
No tension.
And still best friends.
And I’m doing that.
But you say it makes it hard.
But what’s so hard.

This is every guys dream.
To be with someone,
That’s ride or die for them.
With the perks of being single.
The only reason.
This would be hard.
Is if you lied.
And you had feelings for me.
And every time we hang out.
It makes it harder to not be with me.
But you said that’s not the reason.

So please love.
For gods sake.
Drop the games.
And bear your soul.
Tell me exactly what you want.

You’re one of my best friends.
And that’s never going to change.
So just be honest.
So we can move forward.
Cause all I wanna do is be by your side.
Even just as a friend.
I’m ok with that.
Because I love you.
And I’ll always love you.
You will always be my best friend.