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He’s going to move away.

And that’s when he says,

He will start his life.

In a new state.

And at a new school.

Leaving everything here behind.

Left unfinished.
He says he’s waiting to date.

So maybe when he moves.

He’ll find a girl,

That will be there for him at any time.

A girl that can give him anything he ever needs.

A girl that will make him feel unconditionally loved;

Every moment,

Of every day.

A girl that knows to scratch his head and back,

When he’s not feeling well.

A girl that is always around when he is upset.

A girl that makes him smile all the time.

Because his smile could light up villages.

A girl that under stands he just needs his space,

That he’s not mad at her.

A girl that understands what he has been through.

And will make him feel safe,

When he is questioning everything.

A girl that knows he’s been hurt before,

And is just scared.

That will comfort him in knowing she is his.

A girl that will help him with his homework,

Because he’s not good at English.

A girl that loves winter,

Because it’s his favorite season.

And one that loves Christmas,

Because it’s his favorite holiday.

A girl that’s willing to learns the small things about him.

As well as the big scary ones.

A girl that can show him how beautiful the world really is.
A girl like me.