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I am no place holder. 

I’m not here until you find someone better. 

I am the someone better. 

You know what I do for the people around me. 

But your ego could feed the children in Africa. 

And that’s not someone I want. 
I want a boy who would rather not be friends, 

Than live life without me. 

I want a boy who’s 110% down for me. 

Who tries too hard to just hang out. 

Not one that makes up excuses to not chill. 

I’m not running around for someone, 

Who just wants to Fuck. 
I’m sorry kid but I am worth so much more, 

Than the ways I’ve been treated. 

You keep saying you like me, 

But is this what you wish for the girls you like. 

Heart broken,


And crying?

Is this some sort of signature?
I loved you. 

You fulfilled every thought of mine sine the day this started. 

You made me feel whole. 

I would have given you the world. 

Anything you could have wanted. 



That’s how much I loved you. 
You would have had a best friend, 

And a lover. 

And nothing would have been able to break us. 

We would have been unstoppable. 
But you don’t see what’s right in front of you. 

And that’s ok. 

So you go. 

You go and move. 

Then let me know who you miss everyday. 

Who you miss taking too. 

Who you miss making you laugh. 

Who you miss being around in general. 



Will you realize who really loved you. 

Who actually cared if you went to bed happy or not. 
Because when you realize. 

You will come crawling back. 

They always do. 

And when you do. 

Will I still love you? 

Will I still be willing to sacrifice everything, 

Just for you? 
I guess you will just need to wait. 

To see if I loved you enough, 

To wait, 

For a boy who isn’t even worth waiting for.