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I’ve never just stared at a message. 

And read it over and over. 

I’ve gotten heart stopping messages before. 

But I would just close it,

And then get emotional. 

But your message,

Just the pure lack of emotion. 
The fact that you only cared, 

If I was mad at you, 

That it didn’t matter if I was upset. 

Only if it was directed at you. 
And now I’m still sitting here, 

Reading messages. 

But they are on someone else’s phone. 

But they are about us. 

Whatever us was. 

The way you responded to your boys. 

Like I was some love sick teenager. 

Not the girl who was your best friend, 

No matter how you treated me. 

But your part in my story has ended, 

For now. 

No one deserves to be spoken about, 

In such a way, 

That they question, 

The foundation of their being. 

That they question every aspect of their life. 
How does it feel to know you are the reason,

For scars on another persons body. 

You can go talk to your boys about that. 

Just keep my name, 

Out of your mouth. 
But I do hope, 

That when you’re drunk, 

And my name keeps swirling around your head. 

You think about all things I did, 

And gave up. 

Just for you