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I’m sitting in my car,With all the songs that remind me of you on repeat. 

Fireball running through my veins. 

You don’t know how hard it is,

To be sober, 

Knowing you’re not in my life. 

What you did wasn’t even petty. 

But just plain mean. 
I miss the sound of your voice. 

I miss your arms around me. 

But most of all I miss you. 

And god I wished you miss me too. 

But I know how replaceable I am to you. 
For ten months you owned my heart. 

You think I cut you off,

Because I blocked you on everything. 

But hun I just couldn’t stand, 

Watching you be perfectly content without me. 
You think I don’t miss you? 

Miss the way you call my name, 

Or the way your fingers trace my skin?

You’re all I think about. 

When I wake up, 

And before I go to sleep at night, 

And throughout the day. 

You’re always on my mind. 

And it’s a stab in the back. 

To know I barely run through your mind. 
You must know how hard it was. 

To watch you touch her, 

The way you touch me. 

And I know you’re not mine. 

And that we were “just friends”. 

But friends don’t feel this way for each other. 
And I know you loved me. 

You had to have. 


You ended it all the time. 

But kept coming back. 

Why was that? 

Because you missed my touch? 

Because you missed being with me? 

Because you missed the way I made you feel? 

Or was it just because you’re a teenage boy,

And wanted to get off? 

Which was it ? 

I’ve been begging to know. 

For ten months I’ve been begging to know. 
You kept saying you liked me. 

Was it all a ploy? 

Or were you just afraid to fall in love?