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You abandoned me. 

You picked up everything and left. 

Living in this new fantasy world of yours, 

It must be fun, 


I had a plan. 

My plan was bigger than the school I’m going to. 

Bigger than the job I will get. 

My plan includes living. 

Not simply floating through, 

A mundane life someone chose for me. 

I want to live an extraordinary life. 

I’m a writer. 

You know this. 

How am I supposed to write, 

If I live a life of mediocrity. 

How could I write about my experiences. 

If I have none? 

You were my best friend. 

You were supposed to be on this journey with me. 

You were there, 

While I was growing up,

With not even two friends to rub together. 

You are my mother. 

You’re supposed to be there, 

To love and support me. 

But you’re off. 

Living in you’re new world. 

And you left me here. 

How could you not see how much that affected me? 

I told you everything. 

Things no child would ever tell there parent. 

Because you weren’t my parent. 

But my best friend.