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I’m sitting in my car crying. Are you happy? 
I’m writing about you again. 

Are you happy? 
She flaunts you like a new purse. 

Are you happy? 
I’m drunk on your memories. 

Are you happy? 
But more wasted on the 8 shots of tequila. 

Are you happy? 
I’m drowning in your promises. 

Are you happy? 
My lungs are filled with smoke. 

Are you happy? 
I’m coughing up blood again. 

Are you happy? 
I drove home tonight. 

Are you happy? 
I didn’t see the stop sign. 

Are you happy? 
Their head lights blinded me. 

Are you happy? 
It’s been two months since the accident. 

Are you happy? 
They don’t think I’m going to wake up. 

Are you happy? 
My families gathered around my bed. 

Are you happy? 
They pulled the plug. 

Are you happy? 
I see bright lights and a faint flat line. 

Are you happy? 
You cried at the funeral. 

What happened? 

I thought you were happy? 
Everyone’s talking about you. 

Why aren’t you happy? 
I’m out of your life. 

Now you have all the room for new girls. 

No way for me to interfere. 
You’re still walking on this earth. 

But you’re dead inside. 
The other guy talked to my family. 

Then my best friend showed up at your door. 

She told you my last words. 

Words you’ll never remember in my voice. 

Because you did not want to hear them from me. 
They said I was screaming for you. 

The girl that stood by my side. 

Waiting for the paramedics to arrive. 

Said I told her about you. 
My last breathe wreaked of your name. 

Is that haunting. 

Do you imagine those words,

From my breath, 

Out of context. 

Trying to think about how it would sound coming right out of my mouth. 

Dancing into your ears. 
But I do have one question. 

Was she worth it?