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The thing is.. 

There is no thing. 

I love you. 

I have always loved you. 

But you don’t love me, 

And I have to continue to live my life. 


That I let you love me. 

When conveniency was available. 
The thing is I still love you. 

But what I have come to know. 

Is I was never in love with you. 

Because if I was in love with you. 

I would be crazy. 

To let you continue to hurt me. 

I wouldn’t be in love with you. 

But the pain you caused. 

And that’s a bit sadistic, 

Don’t ya think? 
So I wasn’t in love with you. 

But I do love you. 

And I do care about you. 

And I always will. 

But there is someone else now. 

And don’t you come running back. 

When I give him everything, 

You could have had. 
Don’t realize how good I was for you, 

Because it is too late. 

So live your life knowing you’re loved. 

And I’ll live mine with love to give.