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Tonight was the epitome of a summer night. 

We sat in a circle, 

Tossing wood in the middle, 

Making the flame grow stronger. 

Telling stories of our younger days. 

Laughing till we cry. 

Feeling nostalgia in wounds we thought had closed. 
We said good night, 

And promised more memories tomorrow. 

I went my separate way to a small beach. 

I saw some light in the distance, 

But I ignored it & kept driving. 

When I arrived, 

I opened my sunroof to stargaze. 

Instead was met by seconds of bright light through my windshield. 

Heat lightning. 
Sitting here thinking of the night, 

And the nights to come.   

My blood races, 

At the thought of future possible evenings. 

Just like this one. 

Maybe this is the summer, 

Our dreams come true. 

Maybe these are the months,

People will listen about in awe,

Wishing they were by our side.