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She’s ignoring me. But I’m a very persistent person. 

I will break down this wall, 

She has built. 

Until my knuckles bleed. 
I am not weak, 

Or desperate for coming back. 

She left me. 

When I needed her most. 

She left me. 

We promised each other, 

We were in it for the long run. 

Some people are worth fighting for. 

I found a diamond in the rough. 

An angel hidden as a person. 
She’s ignoring me because we lost a year. 

A year of back scratches. 

A year of midnight heart to hearts. 

A year of laughing till we cry. 

A year of memories to last life times. 

A year of smoking til we can’t breathe. 

A year of time we will never see again. 

But we can move forward. 

I love this girl, 

Is if she was my sister. 
But she’s not, 

And she’s ignoring me. 

And my knuckles are starting to bruise.